Fiberglass Repair
Polyester Resin, Vinyl Ester Resin, Epoxy Resin, SMC Resin
Dealer Authorized Kawasaki, Seadoo, Yamaha Personal Watercraft & Boats
Rotisserie Rack Assembly:
Rotisserie rack assembly
  • All bottom damaged skis are rolled over with our rotisserie rack assembly, your ski will never touch the ground.
Repairing Skis upside down:
repairing ski bottom
  • This allows us to repair the fiberglass damage correctly, fiberglass application is rolled and squeeged tight for a good bond.
Fiberglass replacement, holes, rips, crushed areas:
Fiberglass repair backside of panel
  • We will cut the area out, and either fiberglass the backside of the cut piece or tab a new piece from it, we then epoxy the tab holders in place screw down tight and then epoxy set the cut piece back in place, when cured we remove the screws grind the outside edges tapered, then fiberglass in place, this repair is structural because the bond is from both sides, in some cases epoxy resin is used because a stronger bond is required.
Tab holders:
Tabs Epoxy glue:
Tabs Screwed:
Cutout area:
Bottom Repair:
epoxy glue tab holder
fiberglass tabs
more tabs epoxy glue in place repair view bottom fiberglass repair hole

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